The Playstation Portable Travel Kit

I received this odd little bit of marketing in the mail this week. The Playstation Portable "travel pack" came with a press release touting the year the portable has had. Inside the carrying case are a bunch of pockets filled with earplugs, sleeping mask, an inflatable pillow and a little clock. Why is everything geared toward sleeping if this is also meant to hold my Playstation Portable? Hmm, maybe that's why the cardboard PSP included in the carrier has a screen loaded with, well, old games. You've got your Jeanne D'Arc, your Buzz, your Beats, your Hot Shots Golf 2. Sure, they're all part of the PSP-friendly Playstation Store, but what game could you put on that fake screen to show off the latest and greatest for the PSP. Not to say that the cardboard screen of a faux DS would fare any better.


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