The Twisting Revolution Has Finally Landed In Australia

The Twisting Revolution Has Finally Landed In Australia

ImageA few weeks back we told you about Bejewelled Twist’s official launch on PopCap. The day marked perhaps the greatest accomplishment in game design since at least 2005, when the last Bejewelled game was released, with news that gamers could twist their gems, as opposed to merely shifting them. Yes, it was genius.

Well hold tight because the gaming revolution has hit Australia; from today Bejewelled Twist will be available through Bigpond Games, for just $26.99. And you know what that means, right? We antipodeans can now twist to our hearts content- or at least until May 2009 when Bigpond’s exclusive distribution rights to the game run out.


  • Of course we have been, and always will be, able to get the game directly from without going anywhere near telstra bigpond for weeks..

    The internet is international, game downloads are available simultaneously the world over. I’m sure companies like telstra would love the governments proposed internet filter to block such international releases so that they can have us wait until they deal us their exclusives.

    Most Aussie gamers would of already gotten the game directly for over a month now. The release of this game is no longer news. You guys already covered the real launch of the game weeks ago. What is going on here? This article does not drive players to bj3. All this article does is drive traffic to bigpond.

    Can we have more articles about games and less about advertising delayed isp portal game “launches” please? A site such as kotaku should not be aiding those that would maintain artificial boundaries in this shrinking world.

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