Ubisoft - No More 'Heroes'

Ubisoft has cancelled its plans for a game based on NBC's Heroes.

"The rights to the 'Heroes' video game have reverted back to NBC Universal," said a decisive Jaime Cottnic, Ubisoft's PR director, "Ubisoft will no longer produce a video game based on the TV series."

It's a bit of a shame - especially as Ubisoft can seemingly bang out games about all kinds of random subjects on a seemingly daily basis - but perhaps understandable now that Season 3 seems to be dropping Nielsen points like they burn it's very flesh.

While the overcooked time travel plotlines and surfeit of characters with daddy issues could do with a trim on TV, I can't help but think that it would work really well as a multi-character RPG or thoughtful action adventure. Any developers out there want to pick this one up for cheap?

Ubisoft Drops Plans For 'Heroes' Game [MTV Multiplayer]


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