Wanna Test Guitar Hero: Metallica?

Take a look at this craigslist ad. It's looking for testers for a "music-based videogame". One from a "Major videogame manufacturer". Those testers need to be "fans of bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Korn, AC/DC and Judas Priest". The job's in Santa Monica. Now, we're not (often) ones to go jumping to conclusions, but a major music game? About metal? And the job's in Santa Monica, which just so happens to be home to Guitar Hero: World Tour developers Neversoft? It's got to be Guitar Hero: Metallica. Unless it's...Guitar Hero: KoRn. *shudder*. Best for everyone, then, if it's Guitar Hero: Metallica. So if you're in the area, short on cash, like Metallica and have a visa, go sign up! You'll get $US25 an hour, plus a copy of the game.


    um, no thanks.

    This shows just how Activision doesn't get GuitarHero. In terms of guitars, Korn are probably the most boring band you could ever possibly choose to feature in Guitar Hero, dipshits.

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