WCG 2008 Day 1: Australia’s Counter-Strike Nail Biter

WCG 2008 Day 1: Australia’s Counter-Strike Nail Biter

immunity-cs.jpgWell the Australian Counter-Strike 1.6 team could not have gotten away to a better start. Facing their major competition in Group B, the UK, in the very first match of the tournament, Immunity took out the very tight match with one round to spare, playing out for a 17-13 win. This was a massive moment for the Australians, and a lot of spectators started to stop by to watch them play having seen that result. The boys had made a mark on the international scene.

Things got even better from there, with comfortable wins against Greece (21-9) and Portugal (20-10) putting them in an excellent position to advance to the next round.

Norway were the second big threat in the group, and a win here would see Immunity a sure thing to top Group B, which would be a major shock to most tournament onlookers. After losing the toss and starting on the weaker side of the map, Immunity had a cracking start, but failed to capitalise and struggled to get back in the game before dropping the match (11-19). From here, a devastating three-way tie for first loomed, which could see our boys miss out based on a points countback…If Norway lost to the UK, the three-way tie would occur and before the round began Immunity was well behind on points. What was needed in the final round was to absolutely obliterate Georgia, the weakest team in the group and playing on Immunity’s best map. The best outcome in the other match was a win for Norway, but that match was in the lap of the gaming gods.

A perfect start against Georgia with a 15-0 sweep of the first half, and the boys just rolled on from there to take out a perfect 30-0 win, wrapping up the result well before the Norway-UK match that could still decide their fate.

The Norway v UK match was a very tight affair, running right down the the wire with the UK claiming a close victory (16-14). The three-way tie complete, the countback was in effect but thanks to their massive 30-0 victory Australia pushed past the UK to claim second place in the group by just rounds.

An excellent result for Australia, making it through to the single elimination phase of the tournament. Congratulations to Team Immunity for making a genuine mark in the first day of competition.


  • Hehe good work boys. Gaz and Ben used to be in my WoW guild and Gaz was the biggest rager, I cant imagine how much he would be raging there.

  • haha. yep, gaz has done a great job of keeping temper under control. he’s just been raging in a good way, pumping the team up!

  • This is great, it’s a pity this kind of thing doesn’t get more press. Competitive gaming should be taken seriously and it’s about the only time I’ve felt any national pride for some form of competitive sports

  • competitive is not a sport and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Chess is also not a sport, imo. Next thing you know, scrabble will be categorized as sport too. Anything that doesn’t involve any physical activities is not a sport.

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