WCG 2008: Opening Ceremony Wishes WCG Was Olympics

WCG 2008: Opening Ceremony Wishes WCG Was Olympics
wcg-flags.jpgI’m all for a pre-event party to get everyone in the mood for a big competition. But the WCG 2008 Opening Ceremony was a little lack lustre. There was a pre-show featuring German band H-Block who were actually pretty good, and some freestyle BMX guys that were showing their stuff. But calling that a ‘pre-show’ meant this event was like having Radiohead open for Vanessa Amorosi.

preshow-wcg.jpgThe opening ceremony itself featured a lot of WCG dignitaries being majestically marched into the arena, a flags ceremony (which was the best bit — 78 countries taking part this year), a speech by CEO of Samsung, then the Mayor of Köln (that’s Cologne) declaring the event officially open. I think there was more after that, so it may have been awesome after that. I was way too jetlagged to stick around to find out. Hope that doesn’t make me a hater. When I think about it, I’m not sure what would make for a fun, exciting opening ceremony that would cater to a gamer audience from 78 countries.

Anyway. The games are now officially open. Bring on the action!


  • I really wish that esports would stop trying to be like… well… sports. From the hockey jerseys all the way to this. It just looks far too much like it’s still trying to sell the idea to corporate sponsors.

    Esports would be cool if it didn’t look so try hard. 🙂

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