WCG: Other Australians in Cologne for GH3, PGR4

Here's a shout out to the rest of the Australian contingent who made it to Cologne for the world finals.

Guitar Hero 3 rep TwilightDawn, aka Joel Brooks (pictured enjoying some Rock Band on a side stage in Cologne), had a tough draw and failed to escape the group stage. Considering the two qualifiers from his group later met again in the Grand Final, this was one of many examples of a WCG system that needs a seeding system to ensure all players, particularly the best, get a fair chance to advance and face off at the appropriate stage in the tournament. In Project Gotham 4 we had cam_, aka James Davey, in the hot seat, but he failed to get into top gear in his qualifiers. Hopefully they made the most of their reward for winning the Australian titles — a trip to Europe!


    That's not rock band.

    Thats GH4 not RB

    Look at the screen, not the guitar... They had both setups on the mini stage, and at that time they were playing RB, not GH:WT.

    How do i contact joel does he have like a myspace or facebook page or msn or waaaaat

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