We, The PlayStation Underground, Are Now Beta Testing Home

If you're a PlayStation Underground member, you'll likely be sending your membership in the program off in style this weekend as it appears everyone in good standing is now a PlayStation Home beta tester. Sony is conducting a load test of Home's servers this afternoon (1 PM to 3 PM AEDT) to celebrate the release of the service's graduation to version 1.0. Yes, do check you inboxes now to see if you got in. The rest of the Kotaku readership has, it seems, and has lovingly tipped us off already.

With less than six weeks until the end of the year, will Sony actually get Home out as (most recently) promised? Will I be able to solve my current router problems and actually rub virtual elbows with you all in Home? Stay tuned!


    ...will anyone actually care about this new online ghetto and colossal waste of time and resources that completely lacks any point or function and looks like it stepped from a mid 90's game engine?

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