What's the Worst Thing You've Done to a Piece of Hardware?

Someone walking through the parking lot of my apartment complex and seeing a shattered DualShock laying on the ground probably thought someone had a little temper tantrum mixed in with his Bioshock last night. Actually, that's only half right. I wasn't mad at a game, but I was mad at the controller (of course, I'm not to blame). I'd spilled Dr. Pepper all over myself and some got in the left thumbstick. Suddenly I could not move to the right anymore. That's kind of important in a game like MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. It's kind of important in any game, actually. I tested it against my other controller, restarted the machine, let it dry out, nothing. So, $US60 got me barely a day's worth of use of this controller. I said why not, heaved it over a row of apartments here and into the adjacent parking lot.

The weekday guys forgot to do a TUD and I know everyone likes weighing in, so I'll ask you here: What's the worst thing you've ever done to a piece of hardware, and why? Bonus points for details like people harmed/frightened by the act. Tell us everything about your rage! Tell us, dammit!


    One night I was at a mates place, we were all drinking and we decided it would be fun to axe an old Pentium 166 motherboard, so I took to it with an axe wearing sunglasses.

    And another time me and my best mate figured it would be fun to take to this old P3 computer we had sitting out in the shed with a MIG welder. Both of these were due to pure boredom.

    My 360 wireless controller has been smashed, caned by a bench grinder and dragged along the road for a few hundred metres. I just wanted it to look different so as to not get confused with my mates controller. Bits missing, glue job, nust and bolts through the guts holding it together. They are pretty freakin tough.

    Trying to fit an uber cooling fan to my old 1ghz Athlon CPU springs to mind - especially the part where I didn't bother to clean off and apply a new batch of thermal paste. The CPU went nova in 3 seconds - Not the fastest exploding Athlon in History, but not far off it.

    The other crime against Hardware wasn't done by me, but rather a guy I work with - He wanted to stress test some new Computer hardware, so he figured the best way to do this was to wrap it all in Glad Wrap. Yeah, ouch. One lot of dead hardware later, he still cops crap about it in the office on a regular basis.

    Worst and possibly grossest.

    Many years ago I dropped a floppy drive into a toilet... Long story short; thing was covered in dust and I couldn't find a bin, tried wiping the dust off into the toilet... *doooongk!*. Fished that baby out, dried it on the window sill, now it reads maybe 1 in every 5 disks.

    No turds fortunately.

    stomped a 6-button Mega Drive 2 controller in rage while playing (and losing repeatedly to) Bison in SSF2:Champion Ed. as Guile on 8-stars. He was the missing link in seeing all character endings and having accomplished the task on 8-stars.

    I did eventually beat Bison and see the ending...not with the same controller though.

    I have to add the time were I also got very shitty at this cheap keyboard I was using at one time, it wasn't working properly during online game play, so I grabbed the closest thing near me which was a pocket knife and stabbed it until it stopped working altogether. My best mate at the time shat himself seeing me do this lol. After we calmed down, we took it out in the back alley right out side my back gate and proceeded to surf the steep hill on it.

    And more recently, while I was playing Soul Calibur 4 trying to unlock the Apprentice I smashed the shit out of one of my SIXAXIS. It hit the floor very violently a few times, then I twisted it until it creaked a little until finally it hit the wall leaving a nice dent. I went and picked it up and some white plasticy stuff fell out, I scared my poor mother with this tantrum. Suffice to say I beat the Apprentice it was just lucky I had another SIXAXIS controller.

    I made my Super Nintendo more aerodynamic by drilling small holes all over it.

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