2008 Alternative Edge Awards Highlight Deficiencies In Fallout 3's Whoring

Edge's 2008 Alternative Edge Awards celebrate the best and worst moments in 2008 gaming from a slightly skewed perspective, driving home a point that many reviewers missed: Fallout 3's whoring sucked.

Fallout 3's award for Most Unsatisfactory Whoring is but one of myriad awards handed out by Edge this year, including Most Special Special Editions (EA), Best Flop (Boom Blox), and Wettest Hats (Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway), but Fallout's gets me the most, simply because I was going to mention the boring whoring in my review but thought better of it.

We tried this simply out of academic interest,‭ ‬of course,‭ ‬but we hoped our solicitations might have a better payoff.‭ ‬It's not that we need a Hot Coffee-style QTE,‭ ‬but lying fully clothed on a bed before the screen blanks and awakening,‭ ‬often with the object of your investment still wandering about the room,‭ ‬does little for us.‭ ‬At least Fable II gives a chance of contracting an STD.

I have contacted Bethesda's Pete Hines to see if we can get an explanation, and to inquire as to the possibility of a whoring patch included in future DLC.

The Alternative Edge Awards 2008 [Edge]


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