A First Look At Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a second run at turning the successful Star Wars franchise into a money generating massively multiplayer online game, this time one created with the help of BioWare.

In this vid you catch a glimpse of some pre-production gameplay, new concept art, new screens and hear a bit about the game's vision. Which, as BioWare tells it, isn't just about monthly subscription fees and a virtual economy.

I will remain stubbornly disinterested until The Old Republic proves itself better than all of those other MMOs that have wooed me in the past with sweet talk and fancy trailers.


    So... what's the point of it being an MMORPG? If it's all STORYSTORYSTORY... a million people can't be the focus of the story. It'll end up being just another "story that advances as you level up, just ignore everyone else along the way until you have to PvP and totally break immersion"...

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