A Next Metal Gear Is... Green?

A new flash site has just gone live on Konami's Kojima Productions website. The flash site is barebones, showing them Konami logo and the above image with text that reads "A Next Metal Gear Is..."

Now what do those green icons refer to. The text is green, the Xbox 360's image colour is green, so make of that what you will. Konami logo is directly below.

Yep, that's the Konami logo alright. There is an "i" and an upside down "i." Does that first "i" refer to the "iPhone?" Apple's products appear throughout the last Metal Gear Solid. Then again, the "i" could refer to the "DSi" or even the "Wii."

The upside down "i" is used in Metal Gear Acid, so there certainly could be a connection. The URL for this new site contains "mgst" which could refer to "Metal Gear Solid Touch." More questions than answers here, folks.

Kojima Productions [Official Site Thanks, Ryan!]


    The logo at the end def looks like the x360 power button, just not red.

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