Analyst: The Year Of The PlayStation 3 Unofficially Delayed To 2009

The BBC has weighed in on the year in gaming, surveying the console war casualty count, highlighting the Wii's success and the dead heat between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But what about 2009?

One analyst, Piers Harding-Rolls from Screen Digest says that his firm thinks that next year could be Sony's year. "We always felt that 2008 was the year that PS3 kicked off - but we think that will now be 2009," he says.

Yes, this is the same Screen Digest that projected that the PlayStation 3 would dominate, with the Wii slipping to third by 2010. That was extremely early in this console generation and, obviously, things have changed.

"When we looked at the 360 at the beginning of the year we didn't think it was going to do as well as it has done," Harding-Rolls tells the BBC. The analyst firm probably also hadn't taken into account Sony's reluctance to shun price drops in favour of breaking even on hardware.

Crowning the king of the consoles [BBC]


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