And The 5 Best-Selling PS3 Games Of All Time (In Japan) Are...

Famitsu have published a list showing the five best-selling PS3 games of all time in Japan. With exact sales figures and everything. And - no shock here - Metal Gear Solid 4 tops the list.

But what comes after it? Well, it makes for some depressing reading.

Here are the top 5, including lifetimes sales as of November 16.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4 - 671,706
2. Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds - 408,175
3. Dynasty Warriors 6 - 371,443
4. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam - 317,580
5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 - 316,533

People wonder why the PS3 is under-performing in Japan, that list is why the PS3 is under-performing in Japan.

Enterbrain: Best Selling PS3 Games In Japan So Far [PS3Hyper, via PS3F]


    the reason why Kotaku Australia sux..... the article above.

    Maybe it's because the Japs just do not play good games, by western standards. I mean Dynasty Warriors for crying out loud... TWICE!

    They play Monster Hunter, which is terrible and JRPG's which are by and large terrible too.

    As an Australian, comments like Ed's are an extremely disappointing reminder that a small percentage of the community here still hold racist views.

    I also don't really see the connection between this article and the idea that Kotaku Australia "sucks". Admittedly, I do prefer the US edition, but that's simply because there's more news articles to read. I also prefer the comment system on the US version - it's more streamlined.

    That said though, I still think it's great to be able to browse a more localized version of Kotaku, with news stories that relate directly to Australians.

    This is ridiculous, where is Resistance 1&2, motorstorm, call of duty 4, little big planet, deadspace, uhh we even stole bioshock (which is amazing) on ps3. The ps3 has great games and i guarantee America ,Europe , or wherever you live besides japan, the top 5 might have metal gear 4 but that would be only similarity . Looks like they need more advertising in japan!

    also looking foreward to killzone2 and res evil 5....

    In a couple of years that list will read something like:

    1.Final Fantasy XIII
    2.Gran Turismo 5
    3.Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    4.Metal Gear Solid 4
    5.White Knight Chronicles

    TOPEKOMSI - the thing you may not realise is that the Japanese populous in general DO NOT like 'over-realistic' games. Your list has 5 out of the 7 games in that category.

    The basics of it all, is that there are pretty much no system selling games ATM that appeal to Japanese gamers...

    Believe it or not Ed, but the Japanese quite like JRPG's ;)


    whats wrong with neverybodys golf it rules

    Posted December 9, 2008 5:57 PM

    "Maybe it's because the Japs just do not play good games, by western standards. I mean Dynasty Warriors for crying out loud... TWICE!"

    Ouch...talking about biting the hand that feeds...Ed

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