Another Analyst Dates Next Zelda For 2009

Analyst Michael Pachter has already gone on record saying that Nintendo's next Zelda game will hit in 2009, but a second has also pegged a Wii follow up to Twilight Princess for next year.

Lazard Capital Markets' Colin Sebastian has speculated that the next outing for Link could hit next year, according to a report from GameSpot, making it three years since the previous The Legend of Zelda installment landed on consoles. Since the GameCube/Wii dual release, Nintendo has released two spin-offs, Wind Waker sequel The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the Nintendo DS and Link's Crossbow Training for the Wii.

Sebastian also said we could expect "a new Princess Peach adventure" from Nintendo, which sounds like it could be a follow up to Super Princess Peach for the DS. Perhaps Nintendo and/or Tose will explore just how expertly Peach is at getting herself perpetually kidnapped.

Zelda makes analyst's list of 2009 releases [GameSpot]


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