AP Gets Grumpy About Gaming

AP Gets Grumpy About Gaming

The Associated Press has a list of grievances about video games this year, and who doesn’t. Difference is, they have a really, really big soapbox they get to stand on to air them.

In classic Festivus style, AP decided now would be a good time to wrap up the year with their Airing of Grievances. At the top of the list is the growing pile of mini-game centric, Wii shovelware inundating all of those new gamers Nintendo has recruited.

“Summer Sports: Paradise Island” (Destineer, for the Wii): How many minigame collections do Wii owners need? “Six Flags Fun Park”? “Shrek’s Carnival Games”? “Imagine Party Babyz”? There are more to come, but I hope none is as slipshod as “Summer Sports,” yet another incompetently programmed rush job from the hacks at Destineer.

Actually three of the five grievances are targeted at titles that run on Nintendo consoles. The other two are nitpicky blasts at Hail to the Chimp (substandard brawler) and Lost (Internet fan fiction).

The list also includes games that were disappointments, franchises that need to die and a series of one-off gripes.

We’re brewing up a list of our own, but we want to wait for the year to be over to make sure nothing really egregious pops its irritating head up in the final days of 2008. Do you have any gaming grievances to air?

Game news: Airing grievances against 2008’s worst

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