Armoured Drum Pedal Would Throw Up The Horns If It Had Fingers

You, or somebody you know, have probably broken their Rock Band/Guitar Hero drum pedal. They're made out of plastic, and plastic is simply not cut out for the demands of rock and roll.

Enter Nyko's Metal Pedal. Everything you need to know is encapsulated in that name. It's a drum pedal that works for both Rock Band & Guitar Hero, it's made of metal, hell, it is metal. It's got a skeleton and everything.

It'll be available in January for $US20. Nyko's Chris Arbogast says:

The outcry from gamers for a more durable foot pedal is the type of issue Nyko strives to address. The Metal Pedal is a continuation of Nyko's successful strategy of creating reliable, long-lasting, and affordable alternatives for all fans of music games.

Gotta love that in an economic "crisis" there can be business addressing an outcry for durable peripherals for a music video game.


    Does it come is a double kick flavour? Called something "metal" and then having a single pedal seems kinds dumb.

    Actually, it's plastic with a metal plate attached. But it's only 20 bucks, and my kid pulled the wire out of the back of the original, so for a replacement it's a good deal. If Amazon ever gets them in stock, that is...

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