Art Style: Decode Looks Like My First DSi Ware Purchase

Hot on the heels of the recent launch of the Nintendo DSi and even more recent launch of DSi Ware comes... gameplay videos! Art Style: Decode looks the most interesting of the bunch.

The Art Style line, borne from the Japan-only bit Generations series and primarily developed by skip, has already spawned a handful of WiiWare games. Two new entries in the series, Decode and Aquaria, are now available via the DSi Ware service.

In Decode, the player has to line up numbers to total 10. The trick, though, is that they're LCD-style numbers, so flipping 2s and 5s changes their value, which we assume might also work for 6s and 9s. The lowest of lo-fi, but still flippin' neat! (Via Tiny Cartridge)


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