Auditorium: The Prettiest Musical Puzzle Game You'll Play Today

Sometimes we like our Hot Flashes to soothe us, rather than stir us into a reflexes-required panic. In fact, after playing Auditorium, the musical puzzle... experience, I've poured myself a strong cup of adult-style eggnog.

You too may want to wash away the day with hard liquor and be delighted by what Auditorium has to offer. Its creators describe the Flash game as a "process of discovery and play." It's one of those titles where outlining how it plays spoils some of the fun — figure it out on your own.

The Auditorium site teases that the developers may be convinced to port it to the iPhone or consoles, given the right encouragement and, of course, proper amount of funds via donation. We'll see.

Auditorium [Official Site via RPS]


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