Ben Heck's Xbox 360 Laptop v2.0

Oh Ben Heck. What can't you do? I ask because there are so many things you can do. Like making desirable console laptops.

You may remember the guy made a 360 laptop in 2007. Then made that into a Halo 3 laptop. Well, time flies, and Heck's just released shots of his all-new, all-improved Xbox 360 laptop.

In typical Heckendorn style, it's a little rough in terms of design. It's no MacBook Air. Hell, it's no Xbox. But it is an Xbox 360, rockin' the NXE, crammed within a laptop case and a host of neat features.

Features like: an internal, swappable HDD, internal wi-fi, no keyboard, dual memory card slots and enough brushed aluminium to sink a small wooden vessel.


New Xbox 360 Portable [Benheck]


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