Black Mesa Trailer Is Some Hot Shit

Oh, Black Mesa. How you tease us. With your release date projections, and your shiny new engine, and your ability to make make manifest our wildest dreams. Widescreen clip's after the jump.


    very nice :)

    You know I'm almost angry at some of the comments I've read here compaining about "how it's taking to long"and how "totally bullshit the wait is". Yes the wait for this mod has been long but some people seem to forget that this is a FAN MADE total conversion made by a community of people that obviously have day jobs and lives to attend to, its not some large studio backed project supported by millions of dollars and a fixed full time team. I havent seen a Fan Mod of this quality in well.... ever. I cant wait to check it out when they eventually finish this, you can tell theres alot of love poured into it.

    P.S It took Valve how many years to finish HL2, 5-6? 3 Years wait on something of this quality that people are doing in their spare time warrents no complaint.

    I always thought Black Mesa was a bit of a 'slow' mod, one that would take a long time to develop because everyone involved were not game developers, and had lives outside of BM. I was blown away by the environment 'detailing' they've done on every surface of the game, the game models wowed me, but seeing it in action... wow.

    This is Half-Life reborn. If Valve had released Half Life ten years later than they did, this is what it would look like, with the crazy-awesome factor cranked up to 11.

    I can't view the video because of that bloody annoying Nokia ad!

    Seriously, are you guys THAT hard up for cash that you need this many ads????

    Man I hope it gets released around the same time as Episode 3... perfect chance to relive the entire saga again!

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