Call Of Duty Series: 35 Million Sold

Ever stop and wonder just why it is Activision have two development teams working on Call of Duty? It's not for the hell of it. Or even, mm mmm mmmm, for the smell of it.

It's because people can't seem to stop buying the various iterations of the franchise. An innocent little Reuters story from last week reveals that, since the first game was released in 2003, the Call of Duty series - which if I'm not mistaken stands at nine games and one expansion pack - has sold 35 million copies across the world.

Those aren't "good" numbers. Those are Mario/Madden/Halo numbers.

Sequels keep video games buzzing in 2008 [Reuters]


    That's a picture of Counter Strike.

    Yet i bet 9/10ths of that 35mill is COD4:MW, as the rest of the series is tosh...

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