Castlevania Movie Dying, Spyhunter Movie Dead

News from Hollywood here, kids, and the news is good. In an interview with IGN, movie producer Paul W.S. Anderson has revealed that not only is the Castlevania movie stalled, but Spyhunter is stalled and then some.

On Castelvania:

We still want to make the movie, but I can't say we're going into production in January or anything like that. It's a project that everybody likes. I love the videogame. I think the script is really strong. Everyone is really enthusiastic about it, but we're still in the process of deciding when the movie gets shot.

If it was so great, Paul, "now" would be the time the movie gets shot. Pleasantries can't mask the fact the movie is, for now at least, going nowhere.

And on Spyhunter, he says the script "wasn't strong enough", so he's removed himself from the project. Without a producer attached, that movie is not only going nowhere, it's going nowhere fast.

Castlevania in Limbo [IGN Movies, via MTV][Image]


    FUCK YOU ANDERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st Mortal Kombat movie = decent AT BEST
    2nd Mortal Kombat movie = epic fail, low budget TRASH
    Resident Evil = UGH!
    Resident Evil Apocalypse = LOL!
    Resident Evil Annihilation = WTF???

    You bombed Mortal Kombat, you completely fucked Resident Evil with an iron rod and it would be an absolute SIN to allow you to make a Castlevania movie. You are a HORRIBLE director! The movie versions of these great games were doomed to fail even before the ideas for them left your sorry little brain. Fans want to see TRUE and ACCURATE movie versions of the games they love...not your crappy, failed creative vision of them that falls short of even being You Tube worthy!!! Someone STOP this man before he ruins another potentially good movie!!!

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