Chinese MMO rips off WoW, Ragnarok, Maple Story, Etc. Etc

Some payers of Ragnarok Online decided to check out the browser-based rival game Aurora Blade and were surprised find certain aspects were a little bit familiar. And not just to Ragnarok Players...

Posters at the Ragnarok forums reckon that in addition to some suspiciously similar monsters turning up in both Ragnarok and Aurora Blade they have spotted similarities between the Chinese-developed MMO and several other games including World Of Warcraft (skill backgrounds), Maple Story (class icons) and LaTale (character creation icons).

IGG, who publish the game in the West, have been contacted for comment. Meanwhile, the company posted a statement on the Aurora Blade forums claiming that they were not responsible for the content of the game they hosted and threatening posters with banning if they referred to the controversy.

Warning - Aurora Blade Similarity
Many forum members have posted threads regarding similarity betwen Aurora Blade, and other third party games

We would like to explain that SkyUnion(IGG) is not responsible for the developing of the game, that is any character, artwork and graphic is developed by another company and this game is HOSTED by IGG.

Any thread or post containing information about other games that including screenshots, game info or any other information will be deleted, as its against the forum rules.We will also take actions against members that will repeat breaking the forum rules.Therefore we have to ban members according to the severity.This may lead to a permanent ban from the forum.

Please take note of the warning!

[Thanks to reader 'Onis' for the tip]


    Omg. Wow. That's such a copy of ragnarok it's funny. I actually don't mind when other game companies copy each other *a little bit*, but when the character models are IDENTICAL, it's simply wrong.

    I can see the very close similarities in the first two pic. The bottom picture if you take it into any program you can tell it's just a re-color of the same monster sprite without the turtle. As a developer this is just sad.

    Whatever you do please don't blame the artists, they are just doing their jobs many times they are annoyed by the integrity of these things but they still have bills to pay.

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