Classic Metal Gear Moves Work, But Only On Pro Wrestlers

Hiding from your enemies in a cardboard box doesn't work too spectacularly in the real world, or even in Metal Gear Solid, but it works in the squared circle, as proven by Akiba Pro Wrestling. reports that the wrestling league recently tried to lure in the video game otaku — and probably promote some games — by throwing a few Metal Gear Solid 4 and Street Fighter IV characters into the ring, including Ryu, El Fuerte and Vega, complete with series signature moves.

Yes, the "drop a dirty magazine on the ground to distract your enemy" tactic also works, as evidenced by the report, but again, only on Japanese professional wrestlers.

ソリッド・スネークが無線で指示!? アキバプロレス第2弾"ゲームリミックス 湾岸有明危機一髪!"が開催 [Famitsu]


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