Colorado Teen killed by Police, Wanted for Xbox Theft

An 18-year-old shot and killed by an Aurora, Colorado police officer Tuesday was wanted for stealing an Xbox 360 at gunpoint from an acquaintance, US news program, News 9 is reporting.

Police say Brandon Winn had offered to buy the 360 for $US170, but when he met the man at an Aurora apartment, he pulled a gun and demanded the console.

Police were staking out Winn's house earlier this week when the shooting happened, according to an affidavit.

Denver police has been watching the house since Dec. 1, when an Aurora office showed up as back up, Winn ran from his home and pointed a gun at officers, police say. The Aurora office shot at Winn, hitting him in the torso. The teen was rushed to an area hospital where he later died.

Affidavit: Teen killed by police was wanted for Xbox theft [9 News]


    I'm pretty disappointed in a lot of the comments I'm reading here. Seems the majority of gamer culture isn't very well acquainted with any notion of philosophical morality. It's good to at least see some people who are humane in their responses. He did wrong to steal- but death is the greatest tragedy and essentially you can't say someone deserves to die for such a petty theft.

    I live a block away from where the shooting happened and had encountered the young man several times. He was always polite. What a dreadful waste of a life.

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