Comparing Fallout 3 Washington with the Real D.C.

Not every pics post over at GamesRadar has the booby in it. Sometimes they haul off and do something thought-provoking, as in these comparisons of Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland with the real Washington.

The verdict? Bethesda did a damn good job. Of course, when you're dealing with iconic monuments and landmarks, you're kind of forced to do so. But at least there was a ton of source material for them to work with. Only the fountain in Dupont Circle (which, I remind you, is lovingly dedicated to Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont) departs egregiously from reality.

But speaking as a former resident of the District, I tip my hat to Bethesda, too. One of the eerie and oddly joyous curiosities of the game is snooping around the bombed out capital and seeing if I can recognise places I've visited, or even feel like I'm there again. It comes as close as any game has so far.

Fallout 3 vs Reality: Photo Comparison [GamesRadar]


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