Cortex Command, My Secret Holiday Joy

Cortex Command, My Secret Holiday Joy

I’ve spent the past week or two methodically playing though a list of Independent Games Festival entries as a judge for the annual indie awards.

The process, which puts both fantastic and less than appealing titles before the judges, is always entertaining. Through it, for instance, I discovered this fun little flash game. Over the weekend I also was introduced to Cortex Command, a quirky real-time strategy game that boasts 2D pixel graphics, destructible environments and an awesome physics engine.

While the premise of a disembodied brain controlling a legion of gold-digging, gun-toting robots is fantastic, what really helped this game sink its claws into me is the Sergio-Aragones aesthetic that breaths some humour and personality into the destructive mayhem of the game.

According to the developers, the game is far from finished. And I did note some issues, though I find them to be more funny than frustrating. (Like drop ships that tend to gib the soldiers they just dropped when they take back off). But you can already by the game at a reduced price for US$18 on the site.

You owe it to yourself to at least check out the free demo over at Data Realms' website.

Data Realms

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