Dead Rising Creator Bullish About Xbox 360's Future In Japan

The Xbox 360 was pretty much DOA when it launched in Japan. The entire country let outta singular "meh" that plagued the console. But that was 2005. What about 2009? You know, teh future?

Capcom's Keiji Inafune was one of the Japanese game developers to support the Xbox 360 platform with titles like Dead Rising and Lost Planet. He's optimistic about the console's chances:

They've been having a hard time of it since the launch in Japan, but lately it seems to have found its feet and the Xbox is selling a lot better now. Between this year and next year I think we'll see a lot more 360 games shipped in Japan.

Words of encouragement for wealthy corporations everywhere. Just goes to show if you're willing to pour buckets of money into a region, maybe one day it just might buy your products. Heart warming stuff.

Cultural hurdles to cross in gaming [The Seattle Times via Capcom-Unity]


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