Disturbing Art From Nintendo Powers Past

Agent B from The -Minus World discovered a stack of old Nintendo Power magazines recently, and for some god-awful reason decided to share with us the The Top 10 Most Disturbing Illustrations From Nintendo Power.

B theorizes that Nintendo Power made the switch to graphics designers rather than illustrators because graphic designers are so plentiful, and illustrators are perverts. I submit as a former art college student that one of the best things about being able to draw is perverting the natural order of things through art. I also submit that Agent P is a bit obsessed with sodomy, as several of the illustrations he picked involve it, and those that don't generally mention it in the caption, such as the one for this shot from a Nintendo Power Zen The Intergalactic Ninja comic.

Zen The Intergalactic Ninja doesn't get mentioned a lot in the gaming press these days, most likely because we're all still trying to wash that oil rape boss fight off our collective memory banks.

Me? I would have just gone with some light saxophone music for that one.

This one, on the other hand... ...well I'm pretty sure that's illegal.

The Top 10 Most Disturbing Illustrations From Nintendo Power Magazine [The -Minus World]


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