Dragonball Movie Trailer Is All Kinds of Stupid

Look, I don't even like Dragonball. But still, I know enough about it to know this trailer will make people upset.


    one of the few movies where the tie-in game will probably be a lot better... judging from that trailer...

    i'm not upset in the least. This movie looks Badass!

    I do not understand why this even needs to be made, honestly if you love dragonball you love it the way it is, it does not need to be redone in typical BS Hollywood style

    I think for this movie to turn out well they need just what the sonic team devs need, a fanboy to hang out in the studio and slap them whenever they change anything... sonic the werehog, *slap* fishing section in game, *slap* dragonballs created by mystics *slap* Master Roshi being (somewhat) young *slap*

    I doubt I will ever watch this movie unless I am extremely inebriated because it will not be done well by Hollywood, guaranteed

    @Rev hit the nail, this looks WAY B grade.

    I don't like dragonballz. I TOtALLY want to see this movie, however, as it looks like it's going to be one of the worst movies ever, and I want to go and laugh at it. I think Cinematic Titanic will bring back MST3K JUST for this movie.

    Tbh, IF I watch this movie, it will not be for the plot. It will be to see Goku charge up a kamehameha for 5 minutes and then fast paced fighting scenes rehashed several times. I'm not expecting a major twist or love triangle or even an amazing plot. I just want to see Goku done some justice with his fighting style.
    Hollywood, do that for me.

    this trailer looks really badass

    Jesus Harold Christonabike, That's the worst thing i've seen all year.

    Why are people even having this discussion? I thought that Dragonball was just a lame cartoon for small children - surely anything associated with the franchise is bound to be rubbish.


    I never saw Dragon Ball, but when I was in prymary school I loved Dragon Ball Z.
    Even if I saw this trailer at the age of ten, I wouldnt find it living up to the cartoon.

    I wasn't really sure what to expect with a movie about dragonball.

    tbh I was pretty pleased to see they succeeded in adding some exciting special effects in it, would do the cartoon series wrong if it were badly done action-wise.

    And tbh you critics I don't know what you're so worried about, maybe that the movie will be even faster and better then the series itself or are you really just " haters " ?

    " I was hiding the extent of my powers all along ^_- "

    I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm off to see this movie.

    I'll probably spend most of it laughing at Goku's hair (it was always going to end badly, really) and also probably laughing at Piccolo...yeah...I'm not seeing this ending well. It'll make an absolute fortune at the box office, but is also going to annoy soooo many people. And the sequels are already coming...

    Afterwards, I'll go back, watch the anime and appreciate it even more than I already do.

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