DSi, PSP Top Pre-Christmas Japanese Sales

Sales of the Nintendo DSi continued to climb in Japan during the week of December 15th to the 21st. The digital camera equipped DS hardware update fended off a surge in PSP sales.

With the release of Dissidia: Final Fantasy and the subsequent stellar sales, the PSP racked up an impressive 145,000 sales in one week, doubling it's sell through week-to-week. But it wasn't enough to catch the DSi with over 200,000 units sold.

Sales were up across the board, with the Wii and PlayStation 3 seeing healthy weekly sales boosts, the latter likely due to the latest Mobile Suit Gundam meets Dynasty Warriors fangasm, Gundam Musou 2.

Even the now antiquated DS Lite got a nice sales jolt. Look!

• Nintendo DSi - 204,144
• PSP - 145,957
• Wii - 131,054
• Nintendo DS Lite - 50,308
• PlayStation 3 - 39,136
• Xbox 360 - 12,914
• PlayStation 2 - 8,662


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