EA: 'We've Got Work To Do On The Wii'

John Riccitiello says that Electronic Arts still struggling to compete with Nintendo's first-party Wii line-up of games. He claims that Nintendo is responsible for two-thirds of Wii software sales.

"For those of us making console games, that's a challenge that we certainly have to contend with," the EA CEO said during today's investor call.

Riccitiello said that a handful of EA's Wii releases, like Boom Blox and the My Sims series, are performing well, "but there's no question that having the lead platform be a platform with two thirds of the unit sales occurring to the first-party owner is a really unusual thing. We haven't seen that since prior to the [original]PlayStation."

Riccitiello said that EA's "home territory" is still the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360, admitting "We've got work to do on the Wii."


    They need to get one of their new 'labels' like Pandemic, Bioware or Criterion and just let them make something great.

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