Fallout 3 DLC: Let's Take A Good Look At It

We knew its name, but little else. Well, today, Bethesda have finally provided details on Fallout 3's first piece of DLC. For those short on time, for $10 you'll get 4-5 hours worth of gameplay out of it.

For those not short on time, pull up a seat!

Operation Anchorage - the first of three planned DLC packs for the game - is set in the game's "distant past", with players able to access a dusty old military simulator that "teleports" you into a battle against the Chinese army, in the days before the a-bombs started falling.

Being a battle, the focus here is on combat, players tasked with fighting (or sneaking) their way past a ton of Chinese troops. As a bonus, many of the weapons and technologies players encounter in Operation Anchorage will then be made available in the main game.

A new perk - called "Covert Ops" - will also be added to the pack.

Also discussed, albeit briefly, were the game's second and third pieces of DLC. The second, called The Pitt, takes players to Pittsburgh, a city that while still in a state of disrepair, never took a bomb or three like DC did.

The third, "Broken Steel", is mentioned only briefly, and will bring increases to level caps, new bad guys and new perks.

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Unveiled [IGN]


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