Family Gaming Awards Play The Age Card

UK site Game People takes a slightly different approach to video game awards, breaking games down into life stages instead of the more traditional console or genre distinctions.

The Family Gaming Awards consist of six different categories - Infants, Juniors, Students, Workers, Parents, and Seniors - along with an award given to the overall best game based on sheer number of votes. This leads to the inclusion of games you won't see represented in the more traditional awards, such as Family Ski Wii, winner of the Infants category, or Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, which was tops among Juniors. Stupid, stupid Juniors.

The big winner this year is EA's Mirror's Edge, which topped off the Workers category while garnering the most votes overall. Check out the full award listing below, where it is revealed that old people enjoy paying for their game demos.

Family Gaming Awards Results 2008

Mirror's Edge wins the overall award in Game People's 2008 Age Awards. Having been nominated in their Workers category it managed to accrue many more reader votes than other short listed games.

These Video Game Age Awards are a little different as they look to highlight games that are best suited to specific groups of gamers by their age and stage of life.

The full run down of the winners (voted on from games nominated in 2008 - is as follows:
Infants: Family Ski Wii
Juniors: Mario and Sonic at the Olympics Wii
Students: Super Smash Brothers Brawl Wii
Workers: Mirror's Edge PS3
Parents: Sing Star PS3
Seniors: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue PS3


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