Foo Fighters, [email protected] Go Cheap For Xbox Deal Of The Week

Microsoft follows up its previous "Holiday Deal of the Week" with a set of goodies for the musically inclined. Whether you're a fan of the Foo Fighters or a fan of anime pop mistresses, there's something for you.

Yes, both audiences will be thrilled by the savings they can enjoy this week. The Foo Fighters sophomore album gets a price cut for Rock Band, as does its Guitar Hero triple-pack competition. And... something for the Japan-only THE [email protected] Live For You! Go on, save already with these three new cheap options.

Rock Band: The Colour and the Shape Album - 1200 MSP (All other Xbox LIVE Regions)
THE [email protected] Live For You! Song - 900 MSP (Japan)
Guitar Hero - Foo Fighters Track Pack - 375 MSP (Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan)


    Oh great, even more support for the [email protected] game that we can't play. SCREW YOU BANDAI NAMCO. Why do you region lock JAPAN-ONLY games?!? WHY?!?! WHY CAN'T WE BUY YOUR GAMES!? Arrrrrgh. They might only make a few dozen or a few hundred sales but IT'S BETTER THAN NOT MAKING THE SALES AT ALL. Ugh...

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