Former WoW Developes Still Won't Tell Us What They're Working On

Back in '05, a bunch of former World of Warcraft developers left Blizzard to form their own studio, Red 5. Which cuts dangerously close to my own choice of studio name, Red Six.

Anyway, that was, quite literally, years ago, and we've heard precious little from the developers since. So when we get a prick-tease like this from CEO Mark Kern, we can't help but let our imaginative synapses fire:

...we anticipate that the next thing you're going to hear from us is an announcement, and that's what we're planning on right now. We're kind of in the meeting stages, planning that out, and we're pretty excited because it's going to be the first time that we get to show everyone what we've been working towards.

Just to clear, they're in the meeting stages (so they're having multiple meetings) for the planning of an announcement.

Makes you wish for simpler times, no?

Interview: Red 5's Stealthy Plans, Upcoming MMO [Gamasutra]


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