Four Titles Most Likely To Make You Throw Your Controller

It's that time of the year. Time for lists. Website Bits, Bytes, Pixels & Sprites has a list of this year's most frustrating titles. They are:

HOME: "Having to wait for an arcade game to be unoccupied in order to play it was the final straw, and I quickly logged out before winging my controller in abject shock."

Braid: "Braid wants to mock you. It's a good game, and I do recommend it, but it's fucking mean."

PixelJunk Monsters: "Going it solo... you'd better have a Metal Slug level of patience."

Grand Theft Auto IV: "I think if I actually had thrown my controller through a window it would have been more fun than trying to control a car in this game."

Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

The Obligatory "Awards of the Year" post... Title most likely to make you throw your controller [The BBPS][Pic]


    How about Mirror's Edge - I have done the bit that I am up to about 40 times already, and it always something stupid that stops me from getting forward. I know what I need to do, for some reason Faith doesnt... i almost smashed my white Dual Shock in frustration

    mirror's edge is by far the most infuriating game. I actually smashed my controller as it flew from my hand into the wall.

    What about Star Wars Force Unleashed - specifically the star destroyer bit. In my books, that would go down as perhaps the greatest rage inducing moment of any game ever. Three hours, people. Three hours of screaming at the TV and promising myself I would make someone pay...

    Zen your absolutely right there finally i did it and it was just luck in the end but fuck me i was almost ready to lose it

    Mega Man 9.

    you forgot mega man 9

    Bikeordie for the iphone 3g..

    although controller is more likely to get flushed..

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