Gackt, Your New Favourite Pachislot PS3 Game Sound Producer

Japanese musician Gackt in video games? Nothing new. Japanese musician Gackt making game music? New. For PS3 pachislot title Bounty Killer, out this past fall in Japan, Gackt did just that.

The former Malice Mizer singer lent his likeness and music to the pachislot title. Check out the Bounty Killer tune called "Justified." You can hear it here. Not a bad song.

While Gackt has lent his likeness to games in the past (Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, for example), this is the first time he's contributed music and the first time he's been credited as "Sound Producer."

Bounty Killer does have a PS3 version, but it originally appeared in pachinko parlors — hardly ideal sound conditions there.

Bounty Killer [Yamasa via Insert Credit]


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