GameStop Says It's Not Bidding on Woolworth's

MCV earlier this week said GameStop was eyeballing a bid on Woolworth's. A statement from GameStop says, actually, it's not, calling out MCV in the process.

"Claims originating from games industry publication MCV hold no merit and are completely inaccurate." says GameStop. I guess that settles that, although GameStop could have done everyone a favour by answering MCV's request for comment back when it put out the original story.

Woolworth's went kaput in the U.S. in 1997 (or, well, it closed its department stores under that name and focused exclusively on Foot Locker, which its US holding company owns). It's headed for the same fate in Great Britain, where its assets are being sold off. Anyone buying up its 815 stores would gain a sizeable portion of the retail games market there.

GameStop Won't Save Woolworth's []


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