Gaming And Rock'n'Roll Differences? (Effing And Wanking)

Games and music continue to intersect more and more. Music publication NME has a big feature on video gaming and music — how musicians are using games to introduce music and how games *could* be diverting kids from picking up actual instruments.

It seems of late video games are even often compared to rock'n'roll. Though, not everyone is sold on video games as this generation's "rebel" form of entertainment. Games and rock'n'roll are different. Q Radio presenter David Quantick says:

Games are not rock 'n' roll, they're metal - aggressive, loud, violent and scared of women. You can't dance to a game or have sex to it. games are still for nerds. Rock 'n' roll is about fucking, games are about wanking. Rock music makes you leave the house and meet drugs, games make you stay in and smell of your own piss.

Ha! Awesome. This David Quantick guy is a HOOT.

NME hails the 'Young console rebels' [Guardian]


    Maybe Quandick hasn't watched Top of the Pops lately in his home country but the music industry has to be one of the most corrupt in the world, with the beautiful and the fame whores getting the recording contracts while the talented muicians struggle in obscurity.

    If anything has people picking up Guitar Hero controllers instead of guitars its turning on the TV and seeing the Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears and thinking, who the fuck wants to be part of that?

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