Gaza Strife Reflected Poorly In Raid Gaza Flash Game

A new flash game up at and flash website Newgrounds might be taking its tongue-in-cheek look at the Israeli-Palestinian fighting along the Gaza Strip a bit too far.

The flash game has the player controlling the Israelis, portrayed as a powerful and resourceful group overreacting to Palestinian Qassam rockets, which ineffectually swoop in the air, barely ever hitting a target. The goal of the game is to build missile silos, barracks, headquarters, and airports, using them to attack the Gaza Strip in order to kill the most Palestinians in 3 minutes. You start off with 10,000 Sheqel to spend, but can call out for aid at regular intervals to receive more cash. Bonus points are awarded for hitting police stations and hospitals. The whole affair is made even more ridiculous by the music in the background - The Carpenters' "Close To You".

I know it's supposed to be a political statement, but the whole thing leaves me feeling a bit ill. How about you folks?

Raid Gaza Flash Game [Newgrounds]


    Coming from a Middle East background i have grown up heavily interested in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. While it may make you feel ill, your description of the game is almost spot on to real life. Israel continually use disproportionate force against a people whom they stole (are still stealing) land from and casualties always number in the hundreds. How many of these hundreds do you think are militants? The journalism I have read also seems to suggest Israel intentionally target civilians and hospitals. They never run out of funding either because the US is always there to give a helping hand. Anyway that's enough being real for one day. Happy New Year everyone.

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