Gears Of War 2: The Ultimate Glitch Collection

Gears of War 2 attended Glitch Fest 2000. We know that. But just how glitchy? Here's a video that shows off just about all of them. There's 16 total with some honorable mentions.

Not only does the video do a great job of highlighting said glitches, but it also takes shots at Epic Games and its developers.

I typed the list out for ya'll below.

1. Boom Shield Glitch - Use any weapon with the Boom Shield

2. Weapon Slide Glitch - Avoid getting shot while picking up a weapon

3. Fake Walls Glitch - Melee and tag people through walls

4. Crab Walk Glitch - Move at roadie run speed while shooting

5. Kung Fu Flip Glitch - Jump out of any map

6. ?

7. Infinite Ammo

8. Chainsaw With Any Weapon

9. Runaway Chainsaw - Break out the chainsaw animation early

10. Slow Arse Match Making - Here is a 20 minute wait sped up to 20 seconds

11. Security Laser Glitch - Fall through the lasers without dying

12. Dummy Glitch - Become Speedy Gonzalez

13. Invisible Glitch - Become the Invisible Man

14. The Shotgun - The weapon has a mind of its own

15. Lag

16. Shotgun and Boomshot Blind Fire Only Work If You're On Host Team


    Can you please write back to me???Telling me how to do some of the glitches.I need help bad,I can do some but the others I have no clue.And yall shuold stop lag.and shotgun.thanks!

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