Grand Theft Auto IV On PC Is A Little Broken

And here we were, getting all excited over Grand Theft Auto IV on PC. Seems that Rockstar's big release - like, sadly, so many other high-profile PC games for the year - has launched broken.

Problems range from dire performance issues to numerous error codes to a lack of SLI support, with scores of unhappy users flooding forums with their "broken things" laundry lists and Steam even going so far as to start offering refunds for unhappy downloaders.

The main bone of contention seems to be with the game's graphics settings. Even powerful PCs are being forced to run the game at low settings (and even then, there are numerous texture errors), Rockstar responding with "higher settings are provided for future generations of PCs with higher specifications than are currently widely available."

So suck on it.

General error and installation error codes are also being widely reported, with Rockstar having to publish a "handy" guide just so people know where their copies are going wrong.

As for what happens next, Rockstar have issued a brief statement on the problems, saying "we are working to help solve these [issues]as quickly as possible".

To get a taste of PC gamer frustration, you can visit the forums below.

Steam GTAIV Forum


    Just bought this game on 12/4/08. My system meets the specs, SLI, etc. I must say that RockStar Games has really PISSED ME OFF. First of all, I had to install a battery of "required this and required that" before the thing would install, then I'm informed that I CAN'T SAVE my progress unless I have an online account with non other than Microsoft Live? What the f*ck is that sh*t??? I CAN'T BELIEVE this crap. Secondly, on the LOWEST settings, the performance playable, but above that, forget it. Do I need a $3000 computer built to run this piece of crap?

    I was REALLY REALLY looking forward to playing this, and Rockstar has LET ME DOWN BIGTIME! GTA-SA is one of my all time favorite games. They better come out with a god-damn patch for this quick because I already gave them my $50.00 for a game that I can't play!

    Did Microsoft put a GUN to your collective heads and say it our way or the highway? This is MAJOR BULLSH*T. Personally, at this point, I'd rather TRADE IT IN for a more mature game that actually plays and where I can SAVE TO MY OWN DAMN HARD DRIVE - you IDIOTS.

    Bugger, I was looking forward to this too :(
    I'll give it a miss for a bit...

    Guys, don't buy the PC version.
    It broke my NVIDIA 8800GT card - fried it. I had to request a video card RMA to replace it.
    To add insult to injury, Take Two Interactive never responded to my technical support request, EVEN AFTER, telling them that their software broke my card.

    Please don't buy this software. Anybody want to join in to file a Class Action suit against Take Two Interactive?

    in reply to Vanarie Jr - I actually do have a $3000 computer. In fact, it's closer to the $4000 mark. I have a GTX280, Quad Core 3 GHz processor, 4 gig ram - all the stuff you can possibly drool over, and the game still lags on low! I feel your pain - it takes you 3 hours to install the f-ing game, and by the time you get a chance to play, the game's cutscenes freeze hourly...

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