Grand Theft Auto: The Movie One Of 2008's Best Unused Screenplays [Update]

Every year, film executives get together and nominate the best scripts they came across that didn't make it to the big screen by the end of the year. Among 2008's list of 250 screenplays? GTA: The Movie.

Least, it is according to film site Latino Review. So take this with a pinch of salt.

If this list - known as the Black List - checks out, the script has been written by Jason Dean Hall, one of Hollywood's hot young things, with a ton of promise but an empty IMDB listing. It's also listed as having been picked up by Fox Atomic, the division of 20th Century Fox that's geared primarily towards "young adults", and is being produced by Stuart Parr, Roger Corman (the Roger Corman?) & Paul Rosenberg.

The plot synopsis goes a little something like this:

Facing foreclosure on his repo yard, a young ex-con resumes a life of crime only to get blamed when his uncle's coke deal gets hijacked. Caught in double crosses between Russian mafia, Yakuza, and the ATF, the young ex-con kidnaps a crime boss's daughter and steals car after car on a Vegas bound suicide mission to retrieve the stolen drugs.

Definitely sounds like a GTA project. Thing is, stripped of everything but the plot - normally the weakest element of the games - is there much left for a GTA movie to stand on?

Well...aside from the brand recognition that guarantees tens of millions of dollars in box office takings?

Hollywood 2008 Black List Released. Caution: For Your Eyes Only [Latino Review]

UPDATE - Nothing to see here, folks. It's a pending remake of 1977's Grand Theft Auto. Explains why the name Roger Corman was attached! Silly us for thinking that plot had more in common with Rockstar's gang-riddled crime games than it did with a Ron Howard movie.


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