Great-father Winter Delivers Exploding RC Cars To Azeroth

Blizzard adds to the Christmas cheer in World of Warcraft this morning with a brand new present under the Christmas Trees in Ironforge and Orgrimmar - Crashin' Thrashin' Race Cars.

In the grand tradition of last year's Rocket Bots, players can pull out their Crashin' Thrashin' Race Car at any given moment, aim it at another player's car, and hit the Racer Rocket Slam button to propel themselves at their opponents with monster truck force, making them go all 'splodey.

I currently have WoW running in the background, and all I can hear is exploding cars and the odd fit of laughter generated by those damn Wands of Holiday Cheer they keep putting under the tree every year. Oh someone's put down the toy train that makes people do the train noise. My suggestion? Log in, get your race car, stick around long enough to get the 25 crashes achievement, and then flee.


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