Halo CE Is Your Xbox Live Deal of the Week

If you're not one of the five million-plus who already has a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved, Microsoft is giving you a chance to score the Xbox Originals version on the cheap this week.

The newest (and final) Holiday Deal of the Week from the Xbox team is the original Halo, now just a mere 600 Microsoft Points, 50% off the standard Xbox Originals price of 1200 Microsoft Points. If we're looking at this abacus right, that's just $7.50 (AU$9.90) for the game that EGM called "the killer app for the Xbox." Wow!

It will be available for Xbox Live Gold members in all regions starting Tuesday, ending Monday.

Happy nostalgia!

This weeks Deal: Halo: Combat Evolved [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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