Halo Wars Features Royal Dancing, Party Games

Halo Wars is an easy sell. It's Halo, it's real-time strategy, it's on the Xbox 360. Don't tell Amazon that, though. They've got their own idea of what the game's like.

This Amazon product pages list a game called Parent C. It's got the Halo Wars box art and the description of...something else. Check the game's feature set:

* 1-2 Player
* 28 fun-filled, adventurous mini-games.
* Collect treasures from the island with Rosella¿ and her animal family.
* Impress the Royal Court with your dance moves.

Locations you and your UNSC troops will visit include the Royal Ship, Harbor Village, Apollonian Castle and the Greenhouse. Unit customisation allows you to "design your own wardrobe of clothes fit for a princess". And the game has an eye on the future by forgoing a disc-based release in favour of a full digital download.

Parent C will sell for $29.99 when it's released....in your dreams.

Parent C [Amazon]


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