Heavy Rain By Numbers

Eurogamer recently had the chance to visit Quantic Dream to see their new PlayStation 3 adventure Heavy Rain in development, and they returned with some interesting statistics on the eagerly anticipated title.

What sort of statistics, you ask? How about numbers regarding the game's 2,000 page script, developed over a period of 15 months and based on 6,000 pages of notes and reference. It contains more than 40,000 words of non-linear dialog, compromising 60 15 to 20 minute long scenes. A very impressive undertaking.

Equally as impressive is the amount of work that went into motion capture, which took place on-site at the Quantic Dream offices in Paris. More than 70 actors and stuntmen participated in recording 30,000 unique animations for the title, requiring 170 days of shooting spread across 9 months.

After seeing these statistics, all I can do is hope the game winds up a massive success, because anything less than that wouldn't have been worth all of this trouble. As long as the action is more accessible than Omikron and the story less twisted than Indigo Prophecy they should do just fine.

Heavy Rain's vital statistics [Eurogamer]


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