Here's That Special Crystal Chronicles DSi

In November, Square Enix announced a special limited edition Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles DSi. And didn't post any pictures! Sloppy, Square. Shouldn't take until Christmas to get those pictures.

Late's better than never, however. As a reminder, this bundle - which includes the Wii-compatible DS title Echoes of Time - will be priced at ¥23,940 (US$252), and will be out next month in Japan.

DS版『FFCC エコーズ・オブ・タイム クリスタルクロニクル エディション』のニンテンドーDSi本体デザインが発表 [Famitsu]


    Cait Sith wasn't the one with the British accent in Advent Children, that was Red XIII. Cait Sith had the random Scottish accent if I remember correctly... and stole nearly all of Red XIII's possible dialogue time.

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